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Kneeling Bus.

Truck houses, YouTube comments, derelict pay phones, Fung Wah buses, Steely Dan lyrics, arguing about food on the Internet. The Meadowlands (not the stadium). 1996. Sleeping in your father’s office at night and reading magazines in Tompkins Square all day.

The trash compactor scene in Star Wars, and Repo Man, and the Tusken Raiders scenes. Tatís hitting two grand slams in the same inning. Records that no one will ever break. Gin and tonics in plastic cups. Grids, ghost ships, drum fills.

Casual empiricism and radical anamnesis.

“These are not, as they might seem to be, the ruins of our civilization but are the temporary encampments and outposts of the civilization that we—you and I—shall build.” John Cheever

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