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6 Comments on “About”

  1. Alex says:

    Re: The Constant Consumer

    You’re on to something and a followup article would probably be a good idea.

    John Weeks hit on this in his book “Economics of the 1%” where he dissected how neoliberalism ideology has used “consumer” and “taxpayer” to replace “citizen”.

    • kneelingbus says:

      Yeah, I definitely think the “Constant Consumer” subject matter is worth more than one essay and there was a lot I wanted to get into that I had to leave out. I’ll have to check out the Weeks book – I hadn’t actually heard of it but it sounds really close to what I was discussing so it would probably be helpful for further inquiry. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Kevin Bourque says:

    Loved your article Cold Discovery in Real Life. I even loved the irony that I was reading it on a screen, with a font optimized for readers on a webzine like so many others. However, your voice, clarity and excellent writing shone through, pushing me to write to the actual person behind the article (even though that writing is itself on comment on a blog post…. I digress.) I guess your article made me think that as we learn to navigate in this age of aggregation, a strong voice, a good writer, a thoughtful piece, a crazy-good song, a touching show on Netflix, still have the power to move us to action, even if that action is simply connecting via email or comment. Great stuff Drew. Please write more.
    (The image for the article was, ironically, what made me click on Pocket/Longreads. Afterwards, I took a closer look at it. It was the right choice of image.)

    • kneelingbus says:

      Thanks Kevin – glad you enjoyed the article, and I appreciate the comment. I do recognize the irony of writing something that is primarily shared on the types content platforms I was criticizing. I completely agree with you that humanness can still shine through in those digital environments, although it’s harder in many ways – but we should keep looking for new ways to connect in those spaces. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Will Page says:

    I read your essay Cold Discovery and thought it was the most powerful observation of media in years. The right balance of deep theory and street smart knowledge. Respect due.

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